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Next Missions are in December and February

MISSION STATEMENT: Dedicated to creating safer, more sustainable communities, by helping build more hurricane resistant homes, working to bring safe drinking water and durable solar energy micro grids.

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We must go back to help give them HOPE. Water, energy, health and safe buildings that will withstand the next hurricane. The list is very long and time is short. We need volunteers and we need funding. We need your help.

HOPE AGUA VITA is not a registered charity and cannot issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes.

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Funds are desperately needed for supplies and materials to complete our mission and help restore this beautiful village and the wonderful people it inhabits.  

Mission Specialists

Help us by Volunteering
We are looking for a few more mission specialists with framing, roofing, siding or trim carpentry experience. If you can help us, contact us today!


Corporate Donation Opportunities
HOPE AGUA VITA’s missions have had wonderful corporate support. If your company would like to provide support for our upcoming missions, contact Doug Tarry Doug.Tarry@DougTarryHomes.com

About Us


HOPE Agua Vita has completed 2 humanitarian home-rebuilding missions to San Lorenzo in 2018 (January & May missions) and repaired concrete roofs and rebuilt complete wood roof systems on both missions, and did a complete home build on the May mission. One of the core pillars of the missions is to teach locals the advanced building skills needed to make their homes more hurricane-resilient. With the skills they learned, the locals have continued repairing roofs once the mission teams returned to Canada. HOPE Agua Vita is returning in November for its next all-volunteer mission to continue the rebuilding work ... and the training of local community members on advanced house framing techniques. We thank all those who are supporting the missions in any way they can... incredible corporate and individual donors that have made it possible to help change lives. When asked "why", team members say "because we can, we have so much expertise in our building tradespeople and the hurricane Maria disaster created so many people in need, and we have the ability to help, with compassion, to change lives. There is so much still to do, and we are committed to continuing with a robust education component that will help many more people thrive. Innovation, advanced building techniques and education to rebuild communities. We invite you to join us with your support as we plan our next 2 missions in December 2018 & February 2019.


Why “Bring Back the Music”? Puerto Rico, like all Caribbean islands has a rich culture and music is commonly heard on the streets. That has been replaced by the sound of generators and the spirit of the people is saddened. Hearing the street music again will represent a return of HOPE.

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Why Help Out?

  • Repair the roofs of the school buildings that were damaged.

    Mould is found on destroyed ceilings. Roofs are gone. Many damaged homes are still without a blue tarp.

  • Help re-establish the classrooms damaged by hurricane Maria

    Students are let go early each day from school, as there is no drinking water for them.

  • Work with local tradesmen to share this construction knowledge.

    Pass on our knowledge to help "bring back the music"

Become a Volunteer

We are looking for a few more mission specialists with framing, roofing, siding or trim carpentry experience. If you are interested in participating in a Puerto Rican cultural experience and looking to do some good in this world, we'd love to hear from you.
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